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    At “Wellogo” our constant endeavor is to promote good health
    Our 360-degree corporate programs have been designed to reduced absenteeism,
    enhanced productivity and reduce cost of healthcare for employees.
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    Wellness means having the energy and vitality to be productive and feel and perform your best.
    We at Wellogo are here to help you achieve the best possible outcomes by enhancing the health
    of your workplace, your employees and their families.
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    Our offers include access to the unique Heath Risk Assessment Tool, Medical Room Management,
    Health Talks, Health Camps, Health Checks and Vaccinations in addition to
    customized programs to suit corporate requirements.

About Us

Business Benefits After Implementing A Wellness Program

  • Reduced Health Absenteeism
  • Decreased Medical Claims
  • Improved Workforce Efficiency and Productivity
  • Improved Employee Morale

True to our tradition of being ahead of market and innovating for the benefit of our customers, incorporated in latter part of 2011, Wellogo has become one of the few institutions offering end to end health and wellness solutions. Wellogo is one of the first movers in the "Preventive Healthcare" market. Pioneer in innovative health solutions, Wellogo has many firsts to its credit, Wellogo has been a comprehensive solution to suit the health and wellness requirement of all genres. The services offered cover the requirements of corporates ranging from Health Risk Assessment, Health Checks, Healthcare Expenditure Reduction Programs, Health Talks, Consultations, Preventive Health Programs and other activities related to employee motivation and retention. Wellogo offers plans for school health checks, growth monitoring, counseling and health education.

In an environment where there is ever increasing burden on the health care facilities in India, Wellogo emerges as a tool to promote health by offering physical, social, emotional and psychological wellness. We offer remote solutions to our clients and provide wing to wing services under Health and Wellness.

Wellogo with the strong presence across major metros and with our 24 branches all across India and serving more than 9.5 million lives with a network of 10,000 + health service providers offers a robust working platform to support the wellness services.

The Wellogo Edge

In a span of few years Wellogo has established itself as a leading provider of Wellness and preventive care services. Our workplace wellness programs offer end-to-end solutions & successfully promote good health amongst employees.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Pan India presence
  • Clinical excellence
  • Best-in-class evidence based wellness programs & services
  • Unparalleled program management
  • Best-in-class on-site heath educatin
  • Multi-lingual health screeners & educators
  • Comprehensive reporting systems
  • Extensive IT prowess that enables advanced Customisable health services

Our Wellness Offerings

Wellogo workplace wellness programs give you an incredible chance to re-discover your business potential by targeting your health & wellness concerns with a team of professionals focused only on you. At Wellogo, we master the art of providing customized solution to our corporate clients.

Other Wellness Programs

  • Health fair
  • Health talks
  • Yoga sessions
  • Ergonomics session
  • Basic Life Support Training
  • Psychologist Talk
  • Zumba Dance
  • Thyroid Awareness Camp
  • Stress Management
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Desk Yoga

Our Clients

We deliver best-in-class evidence based preventive care & wellness programs across all major specialities. Most of the companies that utilize our wellness services have experienced positive business results, less sickness rates, reduced claim rates, improved empoyee engagement & significant improvement in employee productivity.
Some of our esteemed clients in india.

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