why wellness

Imbibes a Culture of Well-being

Indians below the age of 40 are over-stressed

Pro-active Care

Only 3%
Of all health expenditure is directed at prevention

Reduces absenteeism and Improves efficiency

Cost in terms of lost productivity because of absenteeism is as high as
Billion Rupees.

Increases Productivity

Every Rs. 100 spent on health programs in the workspace, Rs. 1600 is saved through increased productivity

Improves Acquisitions and Retentions

Employers saw Avg acquisition and retention cost increase of 10% year on year

Decreases Healthcare Costs

Of Annual profits are spent by organisations on healthcare costs

A Workplace Wellness Program is Successful When

It is practical and accessible.

Wellness is integrated into the company’s work culture

It helps to create an actual lifestyle change

The work environment is health conscious

Health screening and education is part of the programs

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